The Master’s Message

The Master’s Message

By: Worshipful Master, Jess Worwood

As we start into the Masonic year, and the holidays of 2019, I’d like to say a couple things about what I hope for our Lodge for the coming year.

I hope we can keep attracting and engaging good men like we’ve been doing, and it is my hope that the Lodge may become even more known as an example of the kind of loving camaraderie that the craft is supposed to be. We do good degree work, and we have a Lodge with a significant number of active Brothers who work hard in all their stations. I hope we can keep doing that, keep building the Lodge, and keep being an example for people not just in other Lodges, but for the community at large.

Granted, your average everyday person driving past the building likely wouldn’t notice us even if the building was spewing fireworks and catapulting flaming pinatas across their hoods as they drove past. People still hear about us, though, and instead of some cult-like conspiracy theory, I hope they will start to associate the idea of Masonry with the good times we have and the good people that we count as our members.

The people we have and the experiences we offer are what makes us different and why people would want to join our Lodge. Not just over other Lodges, but why they’d want to join us, period.

I think we’re starting the year in a good place, and I hope that with all of us working together throughout the year, we can keep getting even better looking towards the next few years.

– Jess Worwood, Worshipful Master

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