MRE (Masons Ready For Esotericism?)

“Anyone want to trade for a lemon-lime beverage powder?” “I got the veggie omelet, I’ll give you that.” “Gag!  You got unlucky on that one.  But at least it comes with skittles.” Trading components of an M.R.E (Meal Ready to Eat) is a time-honored tradition of excellence that emboldens the army values of respect andContinue reading “MRE (Masons Ready For Esotericism?)”

FreeMasons are Jerks and Why the World Needs More

I have a friend…… No… It’s True. I really do have a friend. At least around 9 years ago when I was looking into Freemasonry I had a friend. We talked a little bit about Masonry and I thought it would be a good idea to join the Fraternity. The lodge I joined has aContinue reading “FreeMasons are Jerks and Why the World Needs More”

Charitable Works

Masonry isn’t just about hanging out as guys and diving into the esoterica of the symbolism of the order; it is also about service and bettering yourself.

The Educational

The Educational, by Ed Mortensen, Secretary of Damascus Lodge #10

What goes into an educational? Well, a speaker can talk on any interesting topic, but here are a few ideas and my thoughts:

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Be A Freemason

So, you want to be a Freemason. Let me tell you why you can’t.

Further Discourse on Freemasonry and Stoicism

Do Freemasons practice Stoicism? Is the ancient Greek philosophy a cemented foundation of the teachings of our ancient and honorable society? Or, is it…

The Good Mason

The Good Mason – Our public claim is that we make good men better. This is an interesting concept that Masonry, in and of itself, makes good men better. Such a claim is false…

5 Ways to Perform Masonic Work

As you involve yourself in a Masonic life, you’ll come across many references to performing Masonic work and receiving Masonic…