Further Discourse on Freemasonry and Stoicism

Do Freemasons practice Stoicism? Is the ancient Greek philosophy a cemented foundation of the teachings of our ancient and honorable society? Or, is it…

George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

In 1789, Worshipful George Washington delivered a proclamation establishing the date that the nation would participate in thanks giving, which…

Chastity for Freemasons

Chastity for Freemasons: An article dipping into the concept of Chastity as proposed by Benjamin Franklin and the application in Freemasonry.

Humility Makes a Freemason

Humility. The dry definition of humility is quite simply, a modest, or low view, of one’s own importance. That sounds a bit depressing if you ask me. I prefer Brother Benjamin‘s concept. Imitate Jesus and Socrates. Jesus Christ Whether you’re a follower of Christ or a believer of some other saintly being, you cannot denyContinue reading “Humility Makes a Freemason”

Freemasons Fight the Sneaky Little Things

Freemasons Fight the Sneaky Little Things – A 13 Virtues Article

Cleanliness in Masonry

“Cleanliness generates healthiness, which generates other aspects of life and most important security, but if security and healthiness are there without cleanliness, then they are sure to collapse.” – Ankur Agrawal This continuation to our look at the Thirteen Virtues of Benjamin Franklin investigates the virtue of cleanliness. The actual statement of the virtue being,Continue reading “Cleanliness in Masonry”

Freemasons Practice Justice

Freemasons Practice Justice – An Article on One of the 13 Virtues as Outlined by Benjamin Franklin

The Moderate Mason

The Moderate Mason – A Study of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues: Moderation