Power, Authority and Responsibility in the Freemason Lodge

Anyone in the Lodge can have and wield power. Power is the personal influence a Mason has within the fraternity…

Order in All Things

Within this article, I’m going to expand Brother Franklin’s possible meaning to include something a little more directly relatable to our Freemason ideologies.

The Worshipful Master, the Director of the Masonic Lodge

While the Worshipful Master presides over the meetings, this is not his only responsibility. Far from it.

The Less Politically-Correct Leadership of Masonic Lodges

There are politically correct ways to provide for leaders in an organization and there are less politically correct ways.

Benjamin Franklin’s Virtue of Order

The third in the 13 Virtues series, this article begins the discussion of Order.

Be a Tyler

A thoughtful article urging brothers to be more than just a Mason, but a Tyler of Masonry.

Silence – Filling the Void

More on the Second of the 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin: Silence.

Silence – Keeping Your Mouth Shut

Another in the Benjamin Franklin 13 Virtues series, Silence – Keep Your Mouth Shut opines on the benefit of silence when engaging with others.

Temperance – Drink Not To Elevation

The next installment in the 13 Virtues series.