What It Means To Be A Freemason

Most people do not know a thing about Freemasonry. I’ll even go so far as to say that the majority of the general public doesn’t even know there’s such a thing as Freemasonry. Of those who do know something, the majority are misinformed.

An Industrious Freemason is a Happy One

America quickly became known as in industrious nation during WWI and WWII, a move that not only played an integral part in winning the wars but defined the prosperity of the country.

How Freemasonry Makes a Good Man Better, Part 1

How Freemasonry Makes a Good Man Better, Part 1 – By Brother Ed Mortensen

How Are Freemasons Resolved?

How Are Freemasons Resolved? The final article in the 13 Virtues series focusing on Resolution.

Order in All Things

Within this article, I’m going to expand Brother Franklin’s possible meaning to include something a little more directly relatable to our Freemason ideologies.

Silence Continued

For further discussion on Brother Benjamin Franklin‘s second virtue… This week I want to get into a little more detail—a bit more of the practical application of the science. Years ago, I was in a meeting hosted by a vice-president of marketing. A meeting called shortly after the V.P. had taken over the project andContinue reading “Silence Continued”