The Master’s Message

As we start into the Masonic year, and the holidays of 2019, I’d like to say a couple things about what I hope for our Lodge for the coming year.

The Past Master

May we all continue to come together in brotherly love and unity while supporting each other on our own individual journeys through Masonry.

The Backbone of a Masonic Lodge

It is argued that the backbone of a Lodge isn’t the Worshipful Master, who typically serves for only one year, but is instead…

The Line of Officers in a Masonic Lodge

But what do you do if a member’s skills don’t progress from year to year and you find someone in an office they are not suited to? This will be a disservice to that member, and this happens no matter what method you use.

Lodge Planning

Planning for the Lodge is an almost continuous process. It starts the year before, with…

How Freemasonry Makes a Good Man Better, Part 1

How Freemasonry Makes a Good Man Better, Part 1 – By Brother Ed Mortensen

Power, Authority and Responsibility in the Freemason Lodge

Anyone in the Lodge can have and wield power. Power is the personal influence a Mason has within the fraternity…

The Worshipful Master, the Director of the Masonic Lodge

While the Worshipful Master presides over the meetings, this is not his only responsibility. Far from it.

The Less Politically-Correct Leadership of Masonic Lodges

There are politically correct ways to provide for leaders in an organization and there are less politically correct ways.